Pros and Cons of being a live casino dealer

Pros and Cons of being a live casino dealer

The job of a casino dealer might seem like a dream job. Getting to spend every day in a casino is the wish of many but is the life of casino dealers as dreamy and rewarding as it looks? This article tries to explore both the pros and cons of being a live casino dealer.


You can start with nothing, and if put in a lot of effort, you can end up making a lot of money, thereby making a career out of it. Apart from the handsome pay, the generous tips offered by players, especially in posh casinos, can make a huge difference. Not every job has the advantage of receiving big tips.

Being a live casino dealer is perfect for night owls and for those who love to sleep for long hours. the working hours are ideal for people who prefer to stay up all night and stay in bed all morning. Even if that’s not the case, it is not a problem these days as most of the casinos are open throughout the day hence making shifts possible.

One vital benefit of this job is the ease in which you can get it. To be a casino dealer, you only require minimum education along with a training period which lasts no longer than two weeks. Moreover, the employees in this field are given many job benefits like medical insurance and bonuses etcetera.

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In the initial period of the career as a live casino dealer, you receive a minimum salary. The rise in wage is slow and gradual. As mentioned above, tips offered by the players make a huge difference to the pay received by the casino dealers but garnering that extra money is very tough. A casino dealer, apart from giving his undivided attention on the game, should also focus on pleasing the players to the maximum by making sure that they have the best experience without any troubles what so ever.

Usually, the training the live casino players should be getting is not funded by the casino. Instead, the dealers themselves have to pay for their croupier training, which is extremely costly. The fees of the training rise depending upon which game the croupier is specializing.

Another task the live casino dealers have to undertake in maintaining a flawless look throughout. They are expected to look good from any angle. The croupiers are representing the casino in a sense that the more well-groomed they seem; the posher the casino is viewed.

Live casino dealers should have a lot of patience. There have been a lot of instances in which the players get agitated due to losses and often take it out on the croupiers. In many such occasions, these dealers get physically injured doing this job not so safe.

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